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      Product Features

Simple to understand and easy to use.
Record customer's photo, details, measurments and style     preferences.
Search customer's profile and track their orders instantly.
DIY (Do It Yourself) measurement form designer.
Manage inventory and generate invoices for merchandise     items like fabric & accessories using barcodes.
Quickly re-book orders of existing customers.
Control multiple trials between booking and final deliveriy.
Maintain your employees profile and generate payrolls.
Grant accessibility rights to various forms for your sales or     production team branch wise.
Fool proof your piece/wage rate system.
Co-ordinate work orders between your showrooms and     workshops seamlessly .
Track work-in-progress of orders.
Control product quality using quality checklist tool.
Inform your customer instantly about their order status.
Integrated SMS, e-mail and Google calendar tool to     communicate with your customers and schedule     appointments.
Keep a check over your raw-material inventory using auto     stock reconcilliation.
Various reporting tools and alerts for Administrator.
Exercise full control over production.
Forecast your production capacity.
Improve your cash flow.
Create longer lasting relationship with your customers.

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