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Smart Solutions is a premier information technology company providing web enabled software services to Custom Garment Manufacturers across the globe. Smart Tailor is a specialized product conceptualized with experience of over 30 years in the garment manufacturing industry.

Smart Tailor has been providing high end CRM+ERP web based solutions to various fashion manufacturers around the world. We have been consulting and re-engineering existing business practices for our clients to enable them to grow rapidly. 

Recently we revamped our product to TailorPad which is a full stack linux based system which is all the more fast and secure than our previous product. It hosts all the comprehensive integrated modules that takes care of every requirement of your business. It is truly an all-in-one software for your retail, manufacturing and distribution business. For more details, click here.

         Product Features
Simple to understand and easy to use.
Record and find customer's profile, orders, measurements and style preferences.
DIY (Do It Yourself) measurement form designer.
Integrated SMS, e-mail and calendar tool.
Forecast your production capacity.
Exercise full control over production.
Create longer lasting relationship with your customers. View More

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